Hamilton Associates

Our Culture

Culture is a very big deal at Hamilton Companies.

Although our three businesses look very different, we all share a common cultural DNA. We think of our culture as healthy soil from which many great things can grow, thrive, and prosper – from unique people and their careers, to winning products and services, to positive business outcomes. If the soil is right, the garden will bear fruit – even though each of our companies is growing a different kind of crop.

We think of culture in two ways: a “hard” culture and a “soft” culture.

Our “hard culture” is the set of beliefs, or agreements, that govern how we show up for work.  These tenets define what behaviors are valued, and which will not be tolerated. They are the ground rules for how we engage, respect, communicate, and disagree with each other. This culture is “hard” because we can’t imagine compromising on it. It’s distilled into five statements:

  • The work that we do, and the way that we do it, makes a difference.
  • Our successes and failures are earned as a team.
  • Our hearts, hands, and minds are open for each other.
  • We’re hungry for facts and we go where they take us.
  • We’re not as good as we can be… yet!

“Soft culture” is a bit harder to define, but it’s ultimately “what it feels like to work here.” We want that to be warm, congenial, inclusive, and fun. It has roots in our background as a family-held business, but is largely a product of the many unique and talented individuals we are fortunate to have here and the community they have created. Our people respect each other and their contributions. Ownership and management are active, engaged, and transparent. Our employee-led Wellness Committee plans a full calendar of activities: from Halloween costume contests to cornhole tournaments to PTO community service activities. The soft culture varies somewhat from company to company, department to department, but we believe it creates the kind of place our employees can comfortably call their professional home.

Our culture is a major reason we have been named to the Baltimore Sun’s “Top Workplaces” list for four straight years (2020-2023).